Now one 1 bedroom bungalow is designated as a pet friendly bungalow. And yes, you are able to have your pet in the bungalow with you.

Upon booking you will need to ask for the pet friendly bungalow and provide us with a description of your pet(s), tell us a little about you and your pet (a bit of history is always nice) and be able to supply proof of vaccinations as appropriate.  Sorry, puppies or kittens under vaccination age will not be permitted.  

We ask that you respect the bungalow (ie floor coverings and curtains etc) by not allowing your animal in if they are wet or damp. We also ask that you respect the furniture and bring 3 sheets to cover the beds in case your pal is like mine and likes to be on the bed with you. We hope we do not need to ask that you respect other guests by picking up after your pet, mimise any noise the animal may make, and not allow it to run off leash (even in the water). Please remember that other guests may be very scared of your pet even if you think it is cute and wouldnt hurt anyone.

Please be aware that any disturbance may result in an immediate cancellation of your stay with us as not everyone likes animals, especially one that interrupts their quiet time. Disturbance may be in the form of barking, whining, yowling, caterwauling, screaming or incessant screaching.

Native wildlife abounds around the bungalows so please consider that you are sharing the space with pelicans, ducks, lorrikeets, brush turkeys, possums, water dragons, goannas, snakes, geckos and humans of all shapes and sizes.  Nearby kennels may also be able to provide pet accommodation if you prefer.

Of course, we are wary of those people not considerate of others and so we must enforce some financial aspects. A pet charge of $85 per week (or part thereof) will be added to your stay and a $200 security deposit will also be required which will be refunded in full  after the housekeeping team have cleaned the bungalow and found no damage has been sustained.   Remedy of any damages would be deducted from the deposit before any refund would occur.

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